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Caro Kroon (SPOONK Art Cantina) - AIR on the Edge residency in Serbia

The Netherlands based artist Caro Kroon (SPOONK Art Cantina) is artist in residence at the Network of Cultural Stations in Novi Sad, Serbia for the AIR on the Edge residency in February 2024.

AIR on the Edge is a one-month international artist residency exchange between Denmark, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands and Serbia. It focuses on artists professional development, creating opportunities for artists to engage with rural communities and is rooted in rural places and cities on the edges of Europe.

Caro shared a bit about her experience:

I am artist in residence for one month at Cultural Station (KS) Barka in Novi Sad, Serbia. In my first two weeks I wandered the huge flea market looking for materials for my work and the streets of Novi Sad to get a taste of the city and its people. I met several local artists and I attended workshops, concerts and performances in Novi Sad and Belgrade.

Above photo 1: Youngest famous Serbian violinist Andrej Balaz in KS Barka on February 1, Novi Sad City Day

Above photo 2/3/4/: Treasure hunting

Above photos: graffiti art and children's books to learn the Serbian language

I invited Zikica Dakovic and Marija Kozomora to attend the exhibition HUMANIMAL in my gallery SPOONK Art Cantina in June 2024. On the recommendation of artist Antonella Diana from Denmark, who was artist in residence for a month with Barka Cultural Station before me, I participated in a workshop on eco-printing on textiles by Marija Kozomora. She is a young artist, perhaps the only one in Serbia who works on this technique. She is fully engaged in climate change issues. These were interesting techniques, involving only using natural elements and colours on textiles. We are discussing a collaboration project.

Above photos: Workshop with Marija Kosomora and the natural surroundings

Musician Zarko Sebic introduced me at the Milan Petrovic School (school with heart); their mission is to bring up, educate, support and empower children and adults with all kinds of disabilities following their needs. I was really impressed by their power and creativity. I’m about to start working with some young people there or in Kultural Station Svilara in the coming weeks. I’m also going to visit artists Dusan Bukovac and Renata Koller this week in their studios. I am planning to do some workshops on power-embroidery with the woman of the neighbourhood and also explore ‘Plastic Fantastic’ workshops with the young people from here.

Above photos: ceramics space, music space, soap-making space and 1 of the talented artists from Milan Petrovic School making art.

The contrasts here are very big. It’s inspiring, overwhelming and productive. I’m very grateful for this program! 


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