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AIR on the Edge Artists

We are delighted to announce the AIR on the Edge artists for 2023-2024. 


Dragana Kojičić

From Serbia going to Ireland

Dragana Kojičić is an independent architect with a specialization in earth architecture and a doctoral student at Scene Architecture, Technique and Design in Novi Sad. Since 2010, she has been organizing numerous theoretical courses and practical workshops in earth building in cooperation with many individuals, institutions and organizations in Serbia and in the region. She established the KFZ association in an 111-old earthen house in the village of Mošorin where most of the training and workshops are held. She was one of the creators of the first Balkan Earth Conference in 2019, local LALA Earthland Festival and co-host of the Regio Earth festival between Romania, Hungary and Serbia. She is particularly interested in the role of women in building crafts.

Dragana will be artist-in-residence at Aras Eanna in Galway, Ireland in March 2024.

Saara Vallineva

From Finland going to Ireland

Saara Vallineva (born 1982, Finland) is a visual artist and a storyteller. She paints, draws, sculpts and makes collage work, often using recycled or found materials. She writes and creates picturebooks. She is always looking for treasures: in her art, in people and in nature. She is inspired by textures and travels, poetry and seeing the unseen. 

Saara will be artist-in-residence at Aras Eanna in Galway, Ireland in March 2024.

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Antonella Diana

From Denmark going to Serbia

Antonella is a visual artist based in Denmark, working with Teatret OM, as a scenographer. She is the director of the Scenographic Lab. She is the co-founder of the Teatret OM (1989) for which she created sets, costumes, props for 28 performance and installations.

Solo exhibitions, installations, and co-productions: Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Dubai, Colombia, Jordan, Greenland, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, Argentina, Brazil. Bio: 1982 Graphics & Design, Silvio D'Amico Art Institute, Rome, Italy 1988 Scenography, Rome Academy of Art, Italy

Antonella will be artist-in-residence at the Network of Cultural Stations in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Katie Ceekay

From The Netherlands going to Findland

Katie Ceekay is a together-based artist from Ireland, living and working in the North of the Netherlands since 2015. Driven by a deep desire to actively interfere with divisive capitalist narratives, she searches for openings to (co/)implement and/or (co/)feel new ideas for living more democratically. Her work bounces between 1:1/collective participatory spaces and politicised artistic research, where failures are inevitable and vulnerability is key to transparency.

Katie will be artist-in-resience at the Tampere Art Museum in Tampere, Finland from November-December 2023. 

Katie Portrait square.jpg
Sara Strandby Portrait.jpg

Sara Strandby

From Denmark going to Finland

Through poesy, improvisation, and play, Sara Strandby intervenes with places. She works with the spatial, social, and aesthetic codes of place making. Since 2020, Strandby has worked in close collaboration with local citizens, established cultural institutions, independent artists, and people from other professions, to develop Bystuen in Vinderup; a locally-rooted “people’s laboratory”, which looks to provide space to think, play, organize and challenge what it means to live and be together in our local communities.

Sara will be artist-in-residence at the Tampere Art Museum in Tampere, Finland in January 2024. 

Noelle Gallagher

From Ireland going to Denmark

Noelle Gallagher is a visual artist based in Galway, Ireland. A graduate of painting (ATU 2011), she has since expanded her practice to include moving image, photography and printmaking techniques. Forest/ry, her new moving image artwork, premiered at Earth Rising festival at IMMA in October 2022 and screened at Docs Ireland, the Galway Film Fleadh and DC Environmental Film Festival, USA. Her paintings have been selected for numerous juried shows both nationally and internationally, including PeripheriesOPEN, Rua Red, the neo:artprize, Cairde Visual, and The Open West. She is a recipient of the Debi O'Hehir Residency Award from the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, several Individual Artist Bursaries from Galway County Council and Visual Arts Bursary Awards from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Noelle will be artist-in-residence at Brogården Kulturvæksthus – Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality, Denmark October-November 2023. 

Noelle Gallagher_headshot2023_edited.jpg
wilheminaojanen2_ Photography Studio Magio.jpeg

Wilhelmena Ojanen

From Finland going to Denmark

Wilhelmina Ojanen is a Tampere-born, Santiago de Chile-raised choreographer, dancer and dance pedagogue. Wilhelmina’s work explores poetically, through movement, one’s relations to the world. In recent years, she has been interested in ecological discourses and environmental philosophies, considering notions of more-than-human worlds, care, vulnerability and hope. Wilhelmina works through the medium of the body and the senses, as well as through film and writing. She has made works for Sadler’s Wells Main Stage, Lilian Baylis Studio, Kala Sangam Theatre, The Place Theatre and the Laban Theatre, as well as site-specific works for indoor skate pools and forests.

Wilhelmina will be artist-in-residence at Brogården Kulturvæksthus – Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality, Denmark in June 2024.

Daniel Mocci

From Ireland going to The Netherlands

Daniel is a European born artist raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He edits books and has written screenplays, radio shows, and television shows. He is a translator, an illustrator, a musician, and a runner. Daniel believes in art as an agent of change in people and in communities and feels the responsibility to spread its gospel.

Daniel will be artist-in-residence at Arcadia in Fryslan, The Netherlands in February 2024. 


Vitomirka Trebovak

From Serbia going to The Netherlands

Vitomirka Trebovac was born in Novi Sad, 1980. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and for a while she worked as a teacher. Now she is employed in the bookstore and publishing center "Bulevar Books" as an editor. She has written 4 books of poetry and her poetry has been translated into many European languages.


She is co-editor of the poetry book "This is not a home, poets about migration", editor of the book "Novi Sad Neo-Avant-Garde / a selection from poetry" and is active on the art scene as a participant in various international projects and residences.

Vitomirka will be artist-in-residence at Arcadia in Fryslan, The Netherlands. 

Caro Kroon

From The Netherlands going to Serbia

SPOONK (Caro Kroon) focuses on arts and theatre and is based in Leeuwarden. The projects SPOONK works on are often located in unstable neighbourhoods or villages. Working and living in locations, among other things, SPOONK tries to create a perspective shift to redefine contemporary situations. She explores frictions in our norms: how we behave, how we live, how we connect with each other, our position towards feminism, gender, the environment, the future of our food, (social) media, refugee issues, politics, multiculturalism and more. SPOONK makes paintings, films, does public interventions, artworks on site, but she also shows her work in the space of galleries and museums. Her work includes installations performance art, graphic art and illustrations, fashion and photography, punkish publications and committed protests, creative collaborations and anything the artist wants to archive.

Caro will be artist-in-residence at the Network of Cultural Stations in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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