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Arcadia is a dynamic cultural initiative that was first hosted in the province of Fryslân from May 6th to August 14th, 2022. Masterminded by both Dutch and international artists, this vibrant 100-day program immersed participants in an array of arts including theater, dance, singing, photography, lectures, discussions, walks, visual arts, literature, and poetry.

Inspired by the regional anthem of Fryslân, which describes it as the 'best land on Earth,' Arcadia courageously adds an exclamation mark and a question mark to this statement. In a world facing constant change, especially in terms of climate and social interactions, Arcadia seeks to leverage the transformative power of art and culture to pose vital questions about our heritage, the world we aim to create, and the legacy we wish to leave for future generations.

Arcadia holds a steadfast belief in the collective effort needed to build a more beautiful world and views art as a catalyst for fostering conversation, shared learning, and collaborative work. In the summer of 2022, Arcadia provided a 100-day platform for makers and doers driven by a desire to change the world. This ambitious program included an array of engaging events, from a wandering forest through city streets, to dramas performed on the cliffs of Fryslân, art installations in parks, dancers in abandoned hangars, and music on the mudflats. Ranging from grand and thrilling to small and intimate, many of these events were offered free of charge.

Arcadia is currently gearing up to create another remarkable 100-day program for 2025. If you're planning to join this inspiring journey of cultural exploration and dialogue, reaching Leeuwarden, the capital of Fryslân, is relatively straightforward via plane and train. The closest major international airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and from there, a direct train ride of around two hours will bring you to Leeuwarden. The Netherlands' reliable train service also connects Leeuwarden to major cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague.

As for our facility and residency information, we are currently refining those details. We will be updating our channels soon with all necessary information related to our upcoming program. We encourage you to stay connected with Arcadia and be part of our upcoming events, as we collectively work towards a more beautiful world.


Please note the residency will take place from the end of February until the end of May. 

For any further queries please contact:

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