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Network of Cultural Stations

Novi Sad was the holder of the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture in 2022 and one of the first cities outside the European Union to receive this title.

Cultural station Barka

As one of the major infrastructure projects within the "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture" project, the Barka Cultural Station contributes to the citizens experiencing this city quarter as a new center of events and an attractive location with numerous cultural events.


With spaces for artists in residence, the Barka Cultural Station has great potential to position itself on the regional cultural scene as well.


Center-periphery relations, inclusion-exclusion from the community and emigration, as characteristic of Novi Sad, are some of the most important identity determinants of Barka.

As part of the cultural station building, there is a branch of the City Library and the Municipality of Slana Bara.


Also, in addition to the hall suitable for contemporary theater, performances, concerts and various other events, there is also a large courtyard that provides opportunities for organizing events outdoors.

In the simple and functional space of Barka, in a modern and interactive way, the cultural heritage of this region will be presented and the richness of the diversity of its population will be brought closer.

EPK - ks Barka - foto Jelena Ivanovic-37
EPK - ks Barka - foto Jelena Ivanovic-27

Artist's Room

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