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Tampere Artists’ Association offers or rents accommodation and work facilities for visiting artists at Takahuhti Artcenter (address: Kirjavaisenkatu 17, Tampere), about 5 km to the east of Tampere city center. Takahuhti Artcenter houses also work and storage spaces for twenty professional artists of Tampere Artists’ Association.

The work studio is a spacious and airy 40 sqms of open space with a table and an easel. Living quarters contain three rooms. One room is an open hallway with an alcove with a double bed and a closet. Entry to toilet is from this room.  One room is a bedroom with a single bed. Separate kitchen is with a table and chairs, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, coffeemaker, electric kettle and dishes. Shower room is elsewhere in the building.

The Studio is part of a larger work area and a door separates the two sides of it. There is no soundproofing in between. This must be taken into consideration to secure peaceful work surroundings for both sides of the door. In the Studio, artworks can be hanged only with screws to the chipboard walls. After the residency period screws must be removed and holes be filled, unless otherwise agreed with Tampere Artists´ Association (with extra charge).

The residence artist cleans the premises after their stay (vacuuming, washing up the dishes, bringing out the garbage) so that the residence is left in the same state as it was in the beginning of the period. Sheets and towels must be washed and left to dry, or some other arrangement must be agreed with Tampere Artists´ Association. 

Tampere Takahuhti Residency2 (1).jpg
Tampere Takahuhti Residency1 (1).jpg
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